Category "Spanish"

  • SP02 Spanish Numbers, Dates & Time

    When learning Spanish it’s good to learn the basics that you will use every day. In this course you will learn Spanish words for: numbers, days of the week, months of the year, the seasons, and the time of the day. These basic words are necessary to communicate in Spanish. Once you learn the basics of these elements if will be easier to understand Spanish conversations.
  • SP03 Spanish for the Work Environment

    Spanish for the Work Environment covers vocabulary and phrases you will need in every day office conversations. Learn to communication in Spanish about different types of businesses and departments within a company. Be able to give directions for using office equipment or getting around the building. This course will help you feel more comfortable talking with your Spanish speaking co-workers in a professional manner.
  • SP00 Spanish for the General Workplace

    Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the World. Business continues to expand globally and the ability for employees to communicate in multiple languages has become a necessity for survival in the marketplace. Strengthen your multicultural team and better support your diverse customer base by learning basic Spanish-speaking skills. Spanish for the General Workplace provides pronunciation, basic grammar, and workplace-related vocabulary to help you communicate in Spanish at the typical place of work.
  • SP05 Spanish for Office Administration

    Spanish for Office Administration is designed to help professionals in the workforce learn real-life vocabulary to use on the job. Each part of this course focuses on a different task related to job functions in today’s businesses. This course covers vocabulary and phrases for general office tasks such as: writing a basic correspondence or a contract, understanding shipping & invoicing, and Spanish words related to functioning on a computer.
  • SP04 Spanish for Human Resources

    In the business world, most people in Human Resources need a basic understanding of Spanish related to hiring employees. Our course is designed for human resource associates, recruiters, supervisors and others who interact with Spanish-speaking applicants and employees. The purpose is to help interview, hire, briefly explain job applications, and communicate to Spanish speakers.
  • SP07 Spanish for Health & Safety

    In today’s multi-cultural world it’s important to learn key words and phrases in Spanish especially those related to health, safety and emergencies. In this course you will learn Spanish words and phrases about: giving safety instructions, infection control, common injuries, emergency instructions and commands, body parts, and medications. These types of words and phrases are imperative to know both personally and in the workplace.
  • SP06 Spanish for Customer Service

    Our course is designed to help professionals in customer service learn the Spanish they need to know for the jobs they do. This course is designed for managers, supervisors and other customer service associates to learn basic Spanish for customer service. The purpose is to help connect & communicate with Spanish speaking customers, to understand their needs and process basic transactions efficiently.
  • SP08 Spanish Culture

    The workplace today is multi-cultural and Spanish speaking people make up a large percent of the business workforce. The Spanish speaking world is rich in history, music, culture, and traditions. Success in business is not just about your product and service it’s about people, traditions and relationships. This course provides essential information on attitudes, beliefs and behavior in the Spanish culture, ensuring that you are aware of basic manners, common courtesies, and sensitive issues.
  • SP01 Spanish Basics

    Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the World. Understanding the basics of Spanish is important for anyone interacting with Spanish speaking people. This course will teach you the basic information to begin learning a new language. Topics covered in this course are: basic sentence structure; pronunciation and the alphabet; common Spanish greetings; Spanish question words; understanding gender related vocabulary; and much more. Get started learning Spanish today!